Have you hired a photographer and looking out for the theme based for the pre-wedding shoot? Which location will remain perfect to shoot it? How much do you actually pay? Is it allowed? Well, it is important to list up the favorite venue in and around the city for the pre-wedding shoot in Delhi you’ve been actually dreaming of.

Lodhi Art District

Located in the heart of Delhi, and covered encircled by an or else lacklustre neighbourhood, lies India’s initial open-air public art district. The wall painting display in Lodhi Colony has made art available to everybody. The area has attractive painted walls and gives an ideal backdrop for a pre-wedding shoot that has a bit of character. The best thing is that it is available free for use.  

The Roseate

There are very few venues available in the city that more attractive, The Roseate is one from them. Started from the water bodies to spectacular landscaped lawns and even modest sandstone building, there is rather for every sort of couple here. It is a perfect place for the pre wedding shot and ideally selected by the people.

Tikli Bottom

It is popularly known as an English cottage located in the middle of the big farm land, Tikli Bottom is a move away situated an hour from the border of the Gurgaon. However, finding there is a bit of a job, with a pool of swimming pool and even open lawns looks really amazing.

The Perfect Location

If you are planning to have some special with the pre wedding photo shoot and needs some variety, surely the perfect location is a right option for you. It has numerous backdrops you can decide from. It promises to give an outdoor picnic place, Greece-like backdrop and a horse ranch among others.

Hauz Khas Village

Situated in the heart of the South Delhi, Hauz Khas Complex, Hauz Khas is counted in the name of the ideal destination for a pre-wedding shoot. The windows, historic pillars as well as gateways from the Delhi Sultanate era will leave one in awe and addition in a lake, a tomb, a garden, and a mosque to the mix simply boost the appeal to the place.

The Royal Tank in no way fails to appear picturesque but the sight during dawn gives a perfect look. The Pre wedding shoots are considered as growing tendency, but it’s the thought behind the shoots that turns them highly popular. Locking and capturing locking a few soft moments in borders is what these shoots are all concerns.

Connaught Place

It might seem like an odd option for a pre-wedding shoot site, but we adore how the team at The Creative Lens prepared use of the free site by incorporating vintage, modest factors for a shoot that appears like it has come directly out of a seventies picture. It is a right option to complete a photo shoot completed at Connaught Place here.

ITC Grand Bharat

If you are looking for something special and unique then ITC Grand Bharat might be the right choice. No doubt, it could be an expensive option but the grandeur of the position is for couples who won’t resolve for anything less than the supreme best.

The Rail Museum

Have you ever wondered a pre wedding shoot theme depend on the frame of Indian Railways? No doubt, at the first side, it might like fun for you and why not? You can ideally make choice of The National Rail Museum located in New Delhi for the wedding photography in Delhi.

You can find the amazing setup and backdrop includes antique trains and linked situation. Grab different angles to select from linked the shoot.You should make sure for the pre wedding shoot as exclusive as ever by permitting the photographer to find the best out of the place and provides the amazing shots of all angles.

The pricing normally differs from 59,000 Rs. for 4 hours of video and 11,800 Rs. for 4 hours of photography. Before choosing any of the location, you should make sure about the right location that rightly matches your requirements. Understand the taste of your partner in order to make a right selection.

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