CT scans, also called as Computed Tomography, is the type of scan which can display the insides of the body. The scan can show the bones, organs or even the tissue present inside through the scan. It is like an X-ray but an even more detailed version. CT scansmust be performed in a clean environment with the help of trained professionals along with proper equipment and safety measures. Such conditions are provided by those scan centres that specialize in CT scans.

 These CT scans can prove to be very expensive but the ones that are cheap do not have a guarantee of proper equipment and maintenance and hence cannot be trusted. Hence, it can get very tough to get the correct CT scan centre. It is crucial to choose a scan centre which is not only trusted but is also sufficiently affordable. The scans provide information for helping various critical cases that demand a high degree of detail and care. Best pet CT Scan centres in Bangalore provide proper treatment with a clean and hygienic environment.

How does it work?

The scan helps to combine a range of X-rays that are taken from various parts of the body using computer processes to create slices or cross- sectional images of the bones present inside. The beams circle around a number of times to get a clear look below all the layers of the body. By creating a 2D image of the body parts, doctors are able to get a good look at the affected or injured area.

What is a CT scan used for?

CT scan is used for a large number of problems. It helps in starting the surgery or medication as the initial stage of treatment requires having an in- depth knowledge of what is wrong and that is provided by CT scan images. The doctors are able to determine the underlying cause and help to treat it. It also gives information on the presence and location of an infection. Apart from infections, CT scans can also be used to detect cancer in its early stages, along with internal bleeding which can be useful for a patient in an emergency due to an accident. Due to the detection of internal bleeding in organs, it can be treated properly even before the symptoms begin to appear. Fractures and tumours can also be easily detected.

How are CT scans carried out?

 A technologist from radiology will be there to carry out the test. The patient lies on the bed during the test inside a large CT scan machine. While the table moves inwards through the scanner, the X-rays rotate around the body. A whirring or buzzing sound can also be heard and is normal. The patient is required to stay very still and not move as movement can cause the image to get blurred. Even breathing has to be avoided at some points in time. The duration of the test can vary a lot as it depends on the body part which is being scanned.  

CT scan results

The CT scan results are consideres to be normal if no signs of tumours, fractures, blood clots or other abnormalities are seen by the radiologists. The scan results are generally not reported immediately by the radiologists and the patient needs to wait for some time in order to get the results. They are usually sent back home after the CT scan is done. The computer processes the information from the pet CT scan which is then analyzed by a radiologist who checks whether the inner workings of the patient are in order. If any kind of abnormality is detecte by the radiologists then further tests and procedures are carried out in order to treat the problem.

Before starting the CT scan

It is advise to wear loose- fitting clothes before the scan as the patient may be required to wear a gown while the CT scan is taking place. It is also require to not wear metal objects as they can hamper the process and results. 

How to find the best CT scan centre?

Although CT scans are generally not harmful to patients, the scans should be performed by actual professionals only. One must thoroughly research about the CT centre before they go in to ensure if the people are qualified and aware of their actions. Many scan centres are available which prove to be not only very well equippe but also affordable. The process of looking for the perfect pet CT scan centre may be tricky but such places do exist and all it takes is to thoroughly research. 

It is always a good idea to check the pet CT scan cost in Bangalore online beforehand. The patient should be aware of the prices of various hospitals or scan centres in the area. They are not only affordable but also are very well maintaine. These areas and centres can be found by comparing the cost and price range of various places online. By seeing all the factors like availability of the scan results and maintenance of the equipment used, one can decide which place is the best for the scan. It is important to see relevant information on the internet so that no one can scam or treat the patient in a place which is not hygienic or has improper and outdated equipment for the scan.  

The search for proper centres that perform CT scans can be slightly challenging to search for in Bangalore but if one actually tries hard to find out with the help of resources like the Internet, newspaper, etc then one will be able to find atleast one suitablle place for performing the pet CT scan.  Although the procedure is generally painless, some patients feel or experience the sensation of heat or a metallic taste in the mouth. Movements feel to be restricte. The duration of the procedure usually does not last for a very long time, with an average duration of 15- 20 minutes.

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