A high quality best travel tripod is an important part of your photographic equipment. This is the third most important tool you should invest after purchasing a camera and a lens. After purchasing the camera and lens, your budget may be limited. So we decided to choose the best place for you, less than $ 200.

Top smooth and compact stand

Most professionals video tripod buying two or three. One uses outdoors for landscapes and the other for studio photography. A stand that is well done if it can handle any abuse while it is easy. The stands are available in all sizes, design quality, weight and price. In this article, we will see some cheap and light places at a price of SEK 200.

Manfrotto BeFree

We started with Manfrotto BeFree. It is a compact stand with an aluminum alloy stand. Manfrotto BeFree is easy to use on short trips and weekends. The maximum load capacity of the stand is 8.8 lbs. The system can easily support an entry level DSLR for the purpose of the set.

This camera tripod is for the traveler who is worried about their weight. The height reaches 56.7 inches when fully deployed. When folded, it shrinks to only 15.75 inches. Manfrotto BeFree is a 4-part stand that is perfect for photography due to its relatively low weight and robustness. This system has a very practical and independent leg angle selector. Perfect for narrow positions and sharp angles where the standard stand does not work. The carbon eye comes with a quick-release plate.

MeFOTO RoadTrip

A discussion of the best tripod under 200 cannot be completed without Metrot RoadTrip. MeFOTO RoadTrip is a very popular system. It can support a total weight of up to 8 kg. The highest height of the stands is 61.6 “and the minimum height at fold 15.4”. The legs extend in 5 sections. In addition, the system can be distributed to function as a monopod. Brilliant feet provide a firm grip, even on difficult terrain.

The frame structure uses an aluminum alloy. The individual legs can be locked at independent angles. And if you want to add color to your shots, MeFoto is the right choice for you, as the stands are available in more than 10 different colors.

Vanguard ALTA PRO 263AB

Another position designed for the road is the Vanguard ALTA PRO 263AB tripod, which comes with a SBH-100 ball joint. The stand is specially designed for photographers looking for a solution that allows them to take their weekend car or extend their vacation.

The Vanguard ALTA PRO 264AB reaches the maximum height of 64 inches. When bending, the height of the stand is only 24.6 inches. Vanguard ALTA PRO 264AB can support up to 7 kg and is a good stand for all applications.With a weight of about 2.5 kg, it is too heavy for the travel team. But if you have a car ready for use, a slightly heavier stand will not disturb you because of greater stability. It doesn’t really fit if you have to go and carry at least one suitcase and the rest of the photographic equipment.

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