Katy Perry has surprised the fans after revealing a surprising new look that shows a picture of herself with long wavy blond hair.

The 34-year-old singer seemed almost unknown in the recording she received in Spanish, which was translated as “What is your name?”

Katy’s photo shows Chris Appleton, who also takes Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian.

The fans’ response was huge. One of them said, “My God, I needed a warning for my soul.”

Another gasp: “She’s beautiful with long blond hair … amazing how … as a model … why didn’t she do it before?”

A third incredible fan wrote, “Is this really Katy Perry? Shhook.”

Another insisted: “Much better than these short hairs, in both cases it looks good, but in this case you kill him completely!”

Because the star, best known for her Pixie haircut, recently had much shorter hair, the new look of a wig may be delayed.

In fact, he was shown last week filming American idol, which doesn’t even touch his shoulders.

Three days later she was back in the series with much longer pink hair.

Singer Firework was recently played at the Coachella Music Festival and kissed fiance Orlando Bloom as he grabbed her butt.

Katy and the 42-year-old British actor are happier than ever since they promised in February after leaving their neighborhood for the past three years.

And when the plans for their next wedding grew, the two men seemed to be together when looking at stars like Childish Gambino.

They also applauded when Janalle Monae and Katie’s friend, Diplo, entered the Palm Springs scene.

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