Major updates for iPhone and iPad’s operating systems are released by Apple every year. From its initial release iOS has evolved gradually. It has gained major features such as split-screen multitasking and virtual keypad. Besides such major update, Apple keeps releasing various minor updates as well throughout the year.

These updates generally resolve the issues related to bug fixing, update in regard to performance and sometimes introduction of new and additional features. If you are an iOS user then you must be aware of the version of iOS that you are using. In case you do not know your own version of iOS, you can follow the below mentioned steps and know what version are you using in your phone.

As the first step, you will have to open the ‘Settings’ option of the iPhone or iPad. The app looks like a running gear and you will be able to find it quite easily. After opening settings, start scrolling down the left hand side menu of the iPad or iPhone. Keep scrolling till you reach the option ‘General.’ Tap this icon to open the general menu. In the case of an iPad, the general menu will load on the right-hand side window.

Thereafter, find the setting ‘Software Update’ from the ‘General’ menu. This option is located on the second place from the top of the General settings.

After you tap ‘Software Update’, the iPad will open up a screen that will show you what version of iOS you are using in your iPhone or iPad. If you have updated your iOS to the latest version then this page will tell you so by displaying that ‘your software is up to date.’ From this page, you will also be able to know the current version number that you have installed in your iPhone or iPad.

How to Find Out What iOS I Have? The process of finding out what version of iOS you are using remains the same, no matter what the device is. It can be an iPad, iPhoe or iPod touch. The process does not change with the iOS version that the device is currently running on.

However, many users might find that finding out what version of iOS they are using is meaningless or irrelevant. But, there are many benefits of knowing the version of iOS that you are using. It can be used for troubleshooting general purposes, knowing about app compatibility, and learning what features does your current iPhone or iPad has.

In case you find out that you are running a lower version of iOS than the latest one, then you can always upgrade it. For doing this you have follow the path Settings > General > Software Update and you will be able to install any software that is available. Be sure to back up your device before you go for the update. Also, make sure you have enough battery before you start the update process. If you have less than 50% battery, then it is best to plug the phone into a charger and then start the update process. This is How do I know what iOS I have?

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