Nowadays, overseas travelers are growing exponentially. Personally, travel is like a second life to me, another journey of my life and a place of learning. If you go to a foreign country, you will first go sightseeing for your main purpose. I have to prepare thoroughly to prevent this case. Today, I will talk about the items that you must take when traveling overseas.

1. Bag

You use a lot of carriers that are easy to travel when traveling. There are two types of carriers depending on the material. They are soft carrier with a cloth on the surface and hard carrier with a hard material. My first choice of bag is that I prefer a hard carrier because the cargo carriers that are not brought in the cabin must be sturdy. Choose a soft carrier of 20 kg or less that can be carried in the cabin. In addition, a secondary bag is important when traveling. A small big back bag that can be wrapped around your body is a must. Pickpockets occasionally occur when traveling to Europe, so you need a small bag that can wrap around your body.

2. Important documents: passport, hotel reservation voucher, copy of passport, booklet for travel, map, etc.

Needless to say I can’t go home without my passport. However, you should copy a copy of your passport and prepare a passport photo. If you want to stay in a hotel or a hostel, you need to book a voucher, but in the case of a hotel, you do not need to book online and get a confirmation message. Traveling in European cities like in France or Madrid is best done with a guide from a local guide in Europe, but if not, a travel booklet is essential. It is useful to have a map attached to the travel booklet these days.

3. Clothes

Because of a lot of clothing, there is a lack of space in the bag, so I am going to have a fire boss who has to take lots of bags. Be sure to check the local weather at your travel destination and make sure you choose the right clothes for it in advance. When you go to a hot country, your bag is light, but you need to take measures when you go to a cold country.

4. Money, Credit cards

Money must be exchanged a week in advance. You can print discount coupons on the Internet and receive discounts at the bank. In my case I traveled to Japan when the yen was low. When the euro was high, I refrained from traveling to Europe. For credit cards, bring two MasterCard or Visa cards that are available in foreign countries.

5. Camera

This is a camera that can remind you of your travels. Take a camera such as a DSLR or digital camera to match your preference. Please note that the camera requires a portable storage device because of the limited storage space of the memory. Backing up with a spare memory card or laptop is also a good idea. Also, be sure to get the battery.

6. Laptop

I carried a 10” mini laptop I bought a few years ago, and it was useful to share information when traveling. Of course, it can only be used in a WIFI hotel or public place.

7. Disposable food

If you go abroad, you suffer X. During the hardships, the rejection of local food is beyond imagination. To prepare for that, you need some instant foods.Of course there are still some other things that need to be prepared but the 7 points above are what must be included in the first list.

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